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④ 文件资料: 在研究主题时, 跟踪信息很重要, 可以使用书目卡或者便笺记录来源信息, 方便后续随时查阅. I downloaded the totally free APA Phrase format and utilized it for my paper. How do I dispose of the Scribbr mark at the bottom corner of each and every webpage? 根据制定的引用格式, 制定完整的参考文献列表. 每次引用时, 请将来源的详细信息摘录下来. Initial, I examine a printed version to acqu... https://bookmarkerz.com/story12592503/the-%E7%A0%94%E7%A9%B6%E8%AE%BA%E6%96%87%E6%80%8E%E4%B9%88%E5%86%99-diaries


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